Treating the Skin with a Facial Mask: What You Should Know

Treating the skin with a facial mask can take one of various forms. Sometimes an actual mask is used while only the ingredients are applied at other times. One of the popular penetrating ingredients used today is HYA collagen. This ingredient is a must-have addition to any facial regimen, especially for women who wish to maintain a pristine and wrinkle-free complexion.

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

By using a mask sheet (called แผ่น มาร์ค หน้า in Thai) with this ingredient, you can experience increased moisturisation and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. You only need to speak to doctors to find out the importance of collagen in nourishing the facial skin. Not only does collagen add elasticity but it can also be used on the hair and to support nail health.

When used on the face, the substance gives the skin a new life. Most people begin noticing changes in natural collagen production when they turn 35 years old. The manufacture of collagen usually starts slowing at this age. By the time that you are 40, the collagen leaves the body faster than it can be replaced.

Factors That Affect the Natural Production of Collagen

Besides the aging process, other factors affect the production of collagen. These factors include outside pollutants, excessive sun exposure, nutritional deficiencies, and genetics. That is why using collagen in a facial product is a priority.

When you age, your skin becomes looser and less elastic; wrinkles and creases may form where the skin was once supple and smooth. You may also experience thinning hair. Hair that once was soft and gleaming may become faded and dry.

Keeping Everything Connected

When you consider that collagen is the most common protection factor produced in the body, it makes sense to use it in a skin preparation. In fact, collagen makes up most of the connective tissues in the body including the skin, tendons, muscles, bones, and ligaments.

The collagen produced in the body accounts for about 30% of the protein mass. The word literally means “glue,” which indicates its significance in keeping everything intact. If you regularly sunbathe or smoke, your collagen production can be significantly affected. The aging process itself reduces collagen production by approximately one percent per year.

Use Collagen Products in Your Facial Routines

If you use collagen in a mask, you will experience good results after about eight weeks of use. Therefore, it pays to keep using a mask sheet with a facial product that includes HYA collagen. By taking this step, you won’t have to rely on more drastic cosmetic procedures at a later date.

You have it in your power to make the most of how you look and feel. When you regularly use a facial mask with HYA collagen, you will discover the importance of maintaining this type of beauty routine. Using a mask is only part of any skin care solution; you also need to choose the right substances to make the mask work for you.


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