Keeping Your Child Well Fed with the Right Snacks

Just about all parents out there are aware of just how much trouble feeding their children can be, especially if their kids are picky eaters. It can be hard enough to make sure that children get their meals on time and it is even more trouble to get children to eat the right snacks during the day. Because of all of this, it can sometimes become problematic when a child hasn’t eaten in a few hours. Most parents are familiar with the angry, inconsolable child who simply hasn’t had his or her afternoon snack yet. Despite how problematic it can be in the moment, there are plenty of options you can take to make sure that your child eats their snacks.

For instance, you can make sure that the snacks are relatively lightweight. For many children, eating a light snack is no problem at all, especially since it won’t necessarily feel the same as eating a meal. You should also aim for snacks that are easy to carry around with you in case you are out in public when your child has a need for food. Whether you are outside, inside, at home, or on the go, a good lunchbox snack such as a cheese or yoghurt snack will always be within arm’s reach. With all of this being said, there is really nothing better for these situations than the lunchbox snacks provided by Strings & Things. With one of the snacks that they offer, you can rest assured knowing that your kids have had their snack and are more than satisfied. You never know; there is even the chance that you will find a new snack for yourself.

What Kind of Snacks Are There?

Generally, when you are looking at lunchbox snacks for children, there are a few routes that you can take. One of the more beneficial routes is going to be snacks that are healthy and tasty. More often than not, cheese snacks tend to fit into this category well. Because cheese is relatively easy to manipulate, the snacks can come in fun shapes for children to enjoy. If your children are less interested in the shape of the food as much as what it actually is, you can also go for strings of cheese instead. Both of these options have high calcium and are fortified with Vitamin D, for stronger bones. Having a good calcium intake is especially important for kids, considering that their bodies are still growing. These cheese snacks can have anywhere between 60 and 70 calories in them, making it hard for your children to completely fill themselves up on them, although the cheese will provide a filling sensation.

If your child prefers the vibrant colours and fruity flavours that cheese simply doesn’t have, you can also consider yoghurt snacks. These snacks still have the same calcium and Vitamin D combo that the cheese snacks have while also offering your child a delicious chocolate, strawberry, or raspberry flavoured treat. You can rest assured knowing that these snacks are still healthy and good for your children, though, as they are not artificially flavoured or coloured, are gluten-free, and are even vegetarian-friendly. This means that they are just about the perfect snack for any family. The yoghurt snacks have slightly fewer calories in them, coming in around 50 or so, but they are still a wonderful lunchbox snack that your children can have anywhere.


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